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Musician, All Instruments Singers: Gospel Jazz Rappers Country Pop R& B All performers are welcomed. Birthdays Vocals Anniversaries Congratulations Love Songs Weddings Creating A Professional Company and make it easy for people to find Love again or just enjoy someone to Serenade your moment...

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Need help? Follow these easy steps.

1. Click Customer Login Registration 
2. Select your state flag
3. Provide the required information in the form box.
Also provided a brief summary of the services that you are requesting. 

  • (Date of requested service:

  • Location:

  • Instrument of choice: ).

5. Submit payment


Musician profiles can be viewed by following this link below


1. Group: Set price by The Group or Band

2. For Birthday Singing $100

3. Instrumental ($150)

4. Weddings etc: set by artist s or Band

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