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1.Post Videos 
2.Uniform to Serenade in

3.Men Black Suit& White Shirt 
4.Women Black Dress
Semi Formal
Formal long Black Dress
5. 5% of each gig
6. Membership $40 yearly
7. Each Section 30 Minutes upon arrival
8. Register is prospective State Flag and City

This is a Professional website 
1. Always be professional
Meet and greet
 2. Customers with a smile ( they are hiring you to perform) 
3. Auditions on Site 2-5 minutes long
4. Always activate the Find me app when you select a gig
5. Women do not take gigs after 8pm unless escorted 
6. Must have paypal or Cash app available

Each application must have a small audition

Unknown TrackUnknown Artist
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